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Seismic isolators

Seismic base isolators for buildings are a great alternative to traditional ones. They provide a better control of spread and seismic damage in civil structures, which means higher levels of security in structural and non-structural contents.

These systems are the best option to meet the need of high levels of security and post seism performance. This is especially important when we work with indispensable structures such as schools, hospitals, police and firemen stations…

These seismic base isolators separate a structure (building/bridge) from ground movements during an earthquake. This way, the incoming vibration energy caused by the earthquake is reduced. Furthermore, seismic base isolators are able to return the structure to its initial point after the earthquake.

Our seismic devices catalog by MAGEBA:

  • Base Isolator made of natural rubber and lead nucleus, LASTO-LRB
  • Base Isolator made of natural rubber with high dampingcapacity, LASTO-HDRB
  • Simple Pendulum Base Isolator, RESTON-PENDULUM MONO
  • Double Pendulum Base IsolatorAislador tipo péndulo doble, RESTON-PENDULUM DUPLO

Seismic Base Isolators can be used in the construction of new structures or to improve existent ones’ resistance against seismic forces. LASTO-LRB elastomeric base isolators work as standard deformation support. Therefore, they are especially suitable to small structures where the separate installation of support and protection systems is not possible.

RESTON-PENDULUM base isolators, on the other hand, are used together with shock absorbers or horizontal forces supports. They work as supports that transmit vertical forces and allow movements and rotations. The best advantage of this base isolators is they are fire-resistant.

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Expansion Joints

They allow movements in all directions and rotations around all axis.

Seismic Base Isolators

Base isolators made of rubber with lead nucleus that isolate structures during a seism. Pendulum isolators that dissipate the generated energy avoiding possible damages.

Structural Supports

They assure the controlled transmission of forces between superstructure and substructure. They also allow rotations around each axis and movements in all directions.

F’C-BRB Struts

Energy dissipators capable of dissipating energy thanks to traction or compression. They dissipate the vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Viscous Energy Dissipators

They dissipate vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Structural Monitoring

Tool to monitor integrity, safety and development of structures, thanks to different sensors that provide real-time data.

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