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Structural Design, Technic Supervision and Seismic Protection Consultancy

EFE PRIMA CE is a national leader in Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters, Structural Design, Technic Supervision and Structures’ Seismic Protection. EFE PRIMA CE, founded at 2006, counts with 25 years of experience gathered by the engineers Andrés Mauricio Bernal Zuluaga and Juan Andrés Oviedo Amezquita.

Our company is aware and committed to your needs as architect or builder, and to the raising development of engineering in the country and in the world. That’s why we offer structural optimal solutions that assure security, economy, functionality and technology in order to provide a high-quality technic consultancy. Additionally, taking into account the current need of developing a sustainable future in harmony with the environment, EFE PRIMA CE provides structural design and consultancy services for projects with new and advanced seismic resistant technologies such as base isolation and energy-dissipation systems.

This way, by combining Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability, we offer the best structures with the greatest structural performance, always oriented towards a sustainable future.

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Learning about structural design is a continuous and enriching process in efe-Prima-ce, which makes possible providing a better service day to day thanks to continuous feed-back. As a result of that, the final product has a great quality of design and is easily understood by customers. - Santiago López Sanchez – Constructora Capital Bogotá SAS

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