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Energy dissipators

Viscous dissipators are used to dissipate a big part of the vibration energy suffered by a structure when an earthquake or another abrupt movement happens. This way, they protect the main structural elements, which provide additional damping to the structural system.

RESTON-SA shock absorbers by MAGEBA are hydrodynamic devices sensitive to speed. They have a piston, a piston rod and a cylindric tube. The resistance of these shock absorbers depends on the flow of viscous material that goes to other cavity of the cylindric tube. This fluid travels through holes in the piston. The size of these holes determines the performance of the shock absorber.

Our energy dissipators catalog by MAGEBA:

  • RESTON-SA shock absorber

This viscous shock absorbers guarantee a normal performance of the structure in common conditions, while dissipate energy and limit sifting when abrupt movements occur (earthquakes, extreme traffic or strong wind).

RESTON-SA shock absorbers dissipate the energy generated in exceptional situations. This way, the impact on the structure is reduced. Thanks to this performance, we are able to optimize the design of the structure and avoid other conventional reinforcements which won’t be used over the useful life of the asset. Thanks to RESTON-SA, we get a 30% additional damping and charges over structural elements are reduced.

Additional damping

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Expansion Joints

They allow movements in all directions and rotations around all axis.

Seismic Base Isolation

Better control of spread and seismic damage, which provides higher levels of security to structural components, contents and construction.

Structural Supports

They assure the controlled transmission of forces between superstructure and substructure. They also allow rotations around each axis and movements in all directions.

F’C-BRB Struts

Energy dissipators capable of dissipating energy thanks to traction or compression. They dissipate the vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Viscous Energy Dissipators

They dissipate vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Structural Monitoring

Tool to monitor integrity, safety and development of structures, thanks to different sensors that provide real-time data.

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