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We count with a wide portfolio of seismic protection devices for buildings. We constantly analyze the market searching for the newest in technology and safety.

According to the global development of structural and seismic engineering and taking into account the current need of increasing seismic protection in buildings and civil work, EFE PRIMA CE has developed advanced structural devices for earthquakes protection. We have also representation agreements with international engineering companies.

All this makes us able to offer a wide range of seismic protection and isolation devices for buildings and civil work. The quality and efficiency of these devices will make your construction a great example of technologic development in the structural protection field.

Furthermore, we collaborate with big manufacturers of seismic protection products such as Mageba. Mageba is an international service provider and manufacturer of bridge’s support, expansion joints, seismic devices and other products related to construction sector. EFE PRIMA CE counts with the official representation of these products in Colombia.

Seismic Protection Engineering Consultancy and Installation Supervision

Together with the offered devices, EFE PRIMA CE provides specialized consultancy about engineering and supervision:

  • To builders and architectural studios to plan projects related to seismic protection systems (seismic isolation, energy dissipators).
  • To structural engineers during the process of analyzing and designing seismic-resistant structures that use these systems. Additionally, EFE PRIMA CE provides advice about seismic damage evaluation through advanced methodologies of structural analysis. These technics allow to check and test the structural design and the expected seismic performance.
  • To builders during technic supervision of quality in the devices’ installation. This way, we can guarantee the proper seismic functioning of these devices.
  • To structural engineers who need geometric and dynamic characteristics of F’C-BRB struts for their structural analysis and design projects.
  • To owners of structures to check and test the proper functioning of the devices and the structure, in normal conditions and in case of a seismic event.
  • To structural engineers, providing specific details about F’C-BRB struts’ connections for each project. We provide this information in DWG and REVIT format to allow its integration into your design documents.


Expansion Joints

They allow movements in all directions and rotations around all axis.

Seismic Base Isolation

Better control of spread and seismic damage, which provides higher levels of security to structural components, contents and construction.

Structural Supports

They assure the controlled transmission of forces between superstructure and substructure. They also allow rotations around each axis and movements in all directions.


Viscous Energy Dissipators

They dissipate vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.


Structural Monitoring

Tool to monitor integrity, safety and development of structures, thanks to different sensors that provide real-time data.

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