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F’C-BRB Brace (Buckling Restrained Brace)

Thanks to the continuous work in our R&D department, efe-Prima-ce provide energy dissipators brace style with restrained buckling (F’C-BRB struts). These brace are made in our country and have been tested in EIA University. Results have shown an excellent performance for seismic-resistant structures.

These structural elements can be considered as advanced brace or energy dissipators when talking about seismic performance of a construction.

As opposed to common brace, advanced brace can support compression charges without suffering elastic buckling. That is the origin of its initials: BRB (Buckling-Restrained Brace).

Additionally, energy dissipation techniques have the goal of placing strategically “sacrificed” structural elements in a main structural system. These elements have to absorb and dissipate vibration energies caused by earthquakes to the structure, reducing this way seismic damage on structural and non-structural elements. BRB Brace are energy dissipators with an excellent structural performance.

F’C-BRB brace are made with local materials and staff. They can be used in buildings replacing common metallic brace for a better performance. These structural elements improve the damping of the whole structural system. Several tests have shown their great capacity to dissipate energy.

F’C-BRB brace have been tested in laboratories from prestigious academic institutions of Colombia.

The results of these tests prove that performance of F’C-BRB struts is similar to the level of leader countries in development and implementation of energy dissipators such as Japan.


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Expansion Joints

They allow movements in all directions and rotations around all axis.

Seismic Base Isolators

Better control of spread and seismic damage, which provides higher levels of security to structural components, contents and construction.

Structural Supports

They assure the controlled transmission of forces between superstructure and substructure. They also allow rotations around each axis and movements in all directions.


F’C-BRB Struts

Energy dissipators capable of dissipating energy thanks to traction or compression. They dissipate the vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.


Viscous Energy Dissipators

They dissipate vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.


Structural Monitoring

Tool to monitor integrity, safety and development of structures, thanks to different sensors that provide real-time data.

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