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Structural designs checking

Structural checking of buildings is necessary in order to guarantee  laws’ and building norms’ compliance. It is also really important to determine if a construction is habitable or if it is dangerous.

We count with a professional team that trained to check the original structural design of your project. Checking the building structure and the construction strut, we can provide an independent and professional judgement about structural maps, performance and conceptualization of your construction’s structure.

This way, any structure failure or imperfection can be detected in order to be able to guarantee a high level of structural reliability and safety in your project.

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Other EFE PRIMA CE services

Structural Design

Optimal structural solutions and implementation of new seismic resistant technologies that meet your architectural and/or structural needs.

Non-Structural Design

Technical and functional solutions with the required security level of your project.

Structure Pathologies

Structural and non-structural problems’ evaluation and diagnosis. Technical solutions required to make possible the structural restoration.

Structures Restoration

Technical and functional solutions with traditional reinforcement systems and new technologies of seismic protection and damage control.

Technical and Structural Drawing

High-qualified staff with notable experience to make every kind of maps and drawings for structural process.

Structures Vulnerability

Detailed study of seismic protection requirements for each different edification, together with the optimal solution for each concrete case.

Structural Designs Checking

Professional qualified experts for projects checking in order to assure the maximum reliability attending to structural security.

Initial Consultancy

Analysis and evaluation of feasible structural alternatives with the goal of finding the best cost-benefit relation for your project.

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