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Structural monitoring

Structural monitoring systems are used to control integrity, safety and performance of a structure through several devices that measure structural tension. Thanks to these sensors, we are able to detect the existence and the location of damages caused by a seism.

If a building, bridge, tunnel or historical monument is not properly monitored, we could find serious problems that we are only capable of detect when the situation is critic, which means a more expensive solution. Thanks to structural monitoring we can take care of structures over time. This way, costs caused by reparations and maintenance decrease.

ROBO-CONTROL Permanente by MAGEBA is an automatized structural monitoring system that works based on several sensors strategically placed.

Our Structural Monitoring catalog:

  • ROBO-CONTROL Permanente by MAGEBA.

ROBO-CONTROL Permanente by MAGEBA allows the measurement of different variables such as charges, deformations and vibrations. These factors affect in a direct way on our structure’s health and performance. It can be also used to determine special parameters such as natural frequency. Data generated (registered in specific time intervals) are directly sent to a central server where are processed and displayed to authorized users through a safe web or network.

Therefore, ROBO-CONTROL Permanente is perfectly suited to those cases when we need long-term monitoring and evaluation of a structure to provide us real time data in order to analyze them.

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Expansion Joints

They allow movements in all directions and rotations around all axis.

Seismic Base Isolation

Base isolators made of rubber with lead nucleus that isolate structures during a seism. Pendulum isolators that dissipate the generated energy avoiding possible damages.

Structural Supports

They assure the controlled transmission of forces between superstructure and substructure. They also allow rotations around each axis and movements in all directions.

F’C-BRB Struts

Energy dissipators capable of dissipating energy thanks to traction or compression. They dissipate the vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Viscous Energy Dissipators

They dissipate vibration energy of a structure caused by earthquakes or other kind of movements.

Structural Monitoring

Tool to monitor integrity, safety and development of structures, thanks to different sensors that provide real-time data.

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